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Welcome to NIC.IO

We provide the Registry services to the ".io" Top Level Domain Name and provide this exclusive domain to registrars and their customers worldwide.

Each year, businesses and other entities spend millions on developing and promoting their brands and identity, both in a traditional "bricks and mortar" fashion and on the Internet. While establishing a brand and identity is vital for commercial success, equally important is the experience of potential customers when interacting with the brand and identity. This is particularly important in the "virtual" world where there must not only be trust and confidence in a brand, but in the legitimacy of the party posting the brand on its website.

The .io name space is highly sought after and now this very special Top Level Domain can belong to you.

.IO operates a DNSSEC signed zone, operated on a secure, globally diverse anycast system with over 40 locations. Your domain will work securely, as expected, and fast! All names in the .io zone are DNSSEC signed (Our Key) and we give customers and their Registrars the ability to submit their DS Records in Real Time to ensure YOUR security and that of your Customers. Use our FREE signing tool.
We Speak IDN
We support the latest standards for Internationalized Domain Names. This means domains such as 상표.io ブランド.io бренд.io 牌子.io or ברנד.io can be registered and used for a website. If you would like to register in your local characters, please see our [PDF] IDN Code Point Policy. If your characters are listed we may service your request. To obtain the encoding for domain registration your may use our free UTF8 IDN Encoder.
.io is a new domain and therefore many more names are available.
Anyone, anywhere can register
Registrations are accepted quickly and efficiently.
14 days money back guarantee
If you are not 100% satisfied.
Fast Domain Name resolution
We have name Servers in Amsterdam (Netherlands), London (UK), Melbourne (Australia), New York (East USA), San Francisco (West USA) and Tokyo (Japan).
Immediate activation
For GBP 60 (approx US$ 100) for year one and GBP 30 (approx US$ 50) per year thereafter. Registrars and bulk purchasers qualify for a huge 50% discount off year one prices.
Fast access to your domain from anywhere in the world.
Award winning customer support
When there are no problems all domains operate the same, when there are problems our customer support team wins prizes for the quality of their service. Available 0600 to 2200hrs GMT, (0100-1700hrs EST), Mon-Friday.